Top 5 Things To Look For While Seeking a Hostel!

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Moving to a new city, for studies or work, and choosing where to stay is one of the most crucial and stressful decisions that you will make. Whether you are a parent searching for accommodation for your child, or a working professional shifting to a new city, finding a good hostel seems intimidating especially when you don’t know where to start looking. And to add to it, there are a hundred scary stories of poor accommodation to make you cautious. Having provided accommodation services for close to a decade now, to more than 2000 students and professionals, here are Ashray Stay’s top 5 tips on what to look for when searching for a hostel.

  • Fix your budget 

Whether you are a parent funding your child’s stay and education, or an earning professional, money is going to be a deciding factor for your stay in the new city. Rent is always a dicey topic. First, plan out your budget in advance. Find out how much are you prepared to pay before you start looking. You can learn about the competitive pricing by speaking to locals, through online real estate sites or speaking directly with the hostel owners.  Beware of any frauds or fake agents.

  • Location, please!

An important aspect to consider while searching for a hostel is to find out the location of your accommodation. Finding your way in a new city, with or without personal transportation, can be challenging. You might also like to find out the living, traffic and connectivity conditions of the area. Having a central location that is peaceful to live and yet well-connected with all the main hubs of the city and in proximity to your university or workplace would make for an ideal choice.

  • The Facilities

This is a standard – whenever you are looking for a student accommodation, check all the facilities and amenities included. Find out whether the place has connectivity, does it have a private or a shared bathroom, does it have dedicated study and recreational areas, how are the housekeeping facilities, etc. Besides a good, clean room and electricity; there are many lesser discussed but essential things that matter to making your stay in a new city peaceful and enjoyable. For example, availability of food at different hours, people with whom you would be sharing a room, transport facility, sports or gym facilities, etc. matter a great deal when you sign an accommodation contract for six months to a year. The hostel would be your home and it should rightly feel so.

  • Safety and Hygiene

Feeling safe where you live is essential for your academic as well as work life. You do not want to miss classes or work because you fell ill due to poor living conditions. Personally check the space for hygiene and healthy living conditions before you decide to rent a bed. Also, check if there is CCTV, 24 hours security-watch, adequate fire and safety alarm systems on the premises for your protection.

  • Food

When living away from home for the first time, most parents and students are often, and rightfully, concerned about food. If you are going to live at a place for 6 months to a year and more, you cannot be eating out daily! That said, most hostels advertise food-availability; but in reality, the quality is below average. Just because you are living away from home is no reason to compromise on healthy and tasty food. As well as availability of food not just at designated meal-hours but even to fuel you while you are working late on an assignment or studying for exams. Find out from past occupants about the food quality and hygiene.

At Ashray Stay, quality and tasteful accommodation is our passion. We take your comfort, health, safety and requirements very seriously. Our hostels are located in prime areas of the city, fully furnished and well-maintained; and completely equipped with Wi-Fi, designated study and recreational areas, 24 hr housekeeping, 24 hr security, 24 hr meal/pantry service, state-of-the-art health and hygiene standards, routine personal development activities, and more. We ensure that you make the most out of your experience of living away from home.