Community Living : the best possible way to nurture yourself…

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If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together…

Well, this quote is heard by almost all of us, stating always moving forward together is more fruitful than going alone. There are “one man army “ type of people in the society but one should bond with people and give it a try. Take a glance: which one would be better, a single person dealing with hell lot of stuff or a group of people uniting and doing the the same? Its obvious the second one is far more better! Hence community living plays a vital role in our lives…

It even makes you more social and it is scientifically approved that the stress level in a social person is less as compared to the introvert one. Let’s navigate further and walk through the pros:

  • Network

Being a member of community will definitely spread your network and increase your contacts which will open the doors of new opportunities for you. This will have a major effect on your career, for instance you may get a job in a high profile company through your friend working there or you might get a business partner for your startup!

  • Confidence

 The more you interact with unknown people, the more your confidence will rise. You will be improving the way of presenting yourself to others and hence you will have a greater impact on people. First impression is the last impression perfectly fits in here, because as your confidence will rise, your first impression is definitely going to be awesome!

  • Environment

 We are judged and influenced by the people we are surrounded with, so we should choose our circle wisely as it has a lot to do with our future. A research says you are like average of five people you spend most time with. So being surrounded by like-minded people in a community will definitely push us to create, innovate and explore new stuff.

  • Social Skills

The more we go to social gatherings, we observe different people, different ways of interacting and even the non-verbal gestures. This stuff enhances our socializing skills which will have a great impact on our relations in personal as well as professional life.

  • Satisfaction

 When we are a part of community there are times when we get a chance to help others grow, and the precious gift that we get in return is priceless. Yes I am talking about satisfaction. It awakens selflessness and sensitivity within us that makes us a better human being.

Well on the top of that communities are great places to find collaborators for achieving a goal together that a single person might not have achieved.

“Hence don’t be a lonely guy, grow with community and give life a Hi5”