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Picking a good hostel has always been a dramatic decision for students. Choosing the right one that doesn’t make you feel homesick and serves you with better amenities and friendly ambiance is always a desirable option to go with. Education can be well pursued if accompanied with a convenient stay and amicable atmosphere. A hostel is the first thing comes to one’s mind while moving to other place to study, a lot of things plays an important role while searching for a good hostel like budget, location, safety and hygiene, facilities needed and especially the environment of the place. You might also like to find out the living, traffic and connectivity conditions of the area. Hostel shall feel like home. Hostels are an amazing living experience if it has all the necessary facilities and a good hospitality from the staff’s end. After going through the below mentioned features, you will get familiar with various things keeping in mind while picking your stay.

Here are some points to consider while seeking for the best hostel:

  • Cheaper is not better: Cheap hostels are often unclean, uncomfortable, pillows thinner than a supermodel and much more. Pay an extra dollar for nicer and cleaner digs. You will appreciate yourself for choosing comfort over money.

  • Clean kitchen: Are you a germaphobe who needs a squeaky clean living space? Health comes first. Hygiene should be the topmost thing while looking for a hostel to stay. The hostel in Vadodara incorporates the kitchen with pure water and food facilities. The chefs therein ensure you to provide with food made out of fresh ingredients.

  • Internet connection: Always prefer the hostels with free internet and preferably a room with computers unless you bring a laptop and/or tablet with you like we do. A reliable internet connection ensures your privacy and data security.

  • Location: The hostel finds proximity to railway station that makes it more preferable for outsiders. You would prefer to be at a walking distance from the major things you want to see. You will often want to stay outside till late evening, so it’s better if the hostel is at an easy to reach and safe location. Staying close by also means you won’t have to worry about waking up so early to get to your train or bus on time.

  • Cafeteria: Cafeteria is the place where you rejoice with your friends and make new ones. Hostel which offers you a place to have a chill time with snacks, instant tea and coffee then what more one would wish for. Along with this, the hostel has a well designed library with books of various categories. You can refer to books of your personal interest and thus refresh your mind. In leisure time, it can stand out as the best option to indulge in something that is fruitful and engaging.

  • Atmosphere: Hostel atmosphere is one of the important things to focus on while choosing the hostel for oneself. You make sure the room are spacious and has the free internet facility. Secure and clean environment is what makes this hostel find their name in the list of best hostel in Vadodara. This also contributes to making your distant study experience a fantastic one.

  • Security: Never compromise when it comes to keeping your personal things safe and secure. The hostel provides students with security factors like CCTV camera, lockers for individiuals ,etc. So you can go outside without getting worried for your personal belongings.

The hostel is near to colleges like Parul university Waghodia, Sumandeep vidyapeeth, ITM universe, Neotech making it feasible for the students to commute easily without any much hassles. This saves much of the students’ time and energy both. So you can travel to and fro without any hustle and bustle of changing transport mediums which results in excess usage of money.

Apart from the above mentioned facilities, the hostel also takes care of your morning routine. If you are the guy who starts their day with workouts, then this one serves you with the gymnasium. Incorporating the latest machines, it will give you a mind blowing experience of exercising. The hostel also provides fresh breakfast which is the most important meal of the entire day. This is the time when you meet your fellow friends and start your day with a good talk. Keeping in mind the hygiene factor, students will never be left with complaints regarding food.

If you have any concern regarding your dirty clothes, then there is a laundry which you can use at your suitable time without any issues. There are well qualified supervisors who are best at their work implementing the system as per the requirements. Resided students will be well taken care of as the dedicated team of theirs will never compromise in that matter. 24/7 electricity is another key factor that most students are concerned for. The hostel in Baroda incorporates efficient provision for electricity that would never make students doubt their decision of choosing this as their stay.

The boys’ hostel in Vadodara can also be considered as the best stay as it is provides boys with their favorite leisure time activity that is games. It has a wide indoor and outdoor play area including sports like basketball, volleyball, and much more. Every festival is celebrated with equal fun and hundred percent engagement of staff and students. Most of the students expects a friendly and kind team of staff members and this hostel will definitely fulfill this desire. In case of any medical emergency, there are medical shops situated in vicinity.

Still if you have any doubts regarding hostel, you can contact to the previous occupants who will share their personal experience about food and other important parameters.

So why make a delay in choosing the most suitable hostel accomodation? Visit Ashray stay hostel in Vadodara and make your study experience an amazing one. Hurry up! Book your room now.