I Consider Myself Lucky For Being A Part Of Ashray Stay. Such A Good Place With Cool Environment. Place where I Developed myself in every way and teached me how to be a self dependent. One of best thing about Ashray Stay Is Conducting of Sports Mania For Our Physical Fitness And knowing the talent of students. I Can Say That Ashray Stay ? Is like Second Home For Mee.

Nirav Rudani

I live in aashrya hostel since 2014. This is not a hostel for me,its like my second home. This hostel give me lots of memories,amazing friends who become an important part in my life. Extra marks for the hostel cleanness and atmosphere. Hostel food quality and taste is good. Hostel-staff are very helpful. Celebrating every festival here with hostel buddies is the memorable experience for me. Truly justify the hostel tag line- "Home away from the home".

Kishan Darji

It's been two years now and it never felt like I was living in some place that I don't know it was my first time that I was living separate from my family but as I said it never felt like unknown place because of its clean and healthy environment and most importantly its hygienic food just like home and i enjoy living here. all are of friendly nature here and this hostel is giving me good memories to share.

Raj singh

Since 2014...it's been 4 years I ve been living in Ashraya Hostel. Let's just say I ve been having incredible fun since 2014. The joy which I could never forget in my life. Aashraya not just gave me all the facilities but it gave me the strongest bond of friends. Those who were once strangers became long last buddies. Thousands of memories. Such golden period of life... If I could define HOSTEL in single line I would say "Hostel is place where people unite by themselves who are divided by religions"

Tejas Vasava

When we listen the word "Hostel"..all have fix idea including me also..but at the day of 16 sep. 2014 , the mindset convert after staying at Ashray Stay.. Since 2014.. I always wants to be thankful for ashray Hostel bcz help me in each nd every minor problems also.. ashray stay gave me a Lovable Friends nd Mentors and also help in Increasing of my inner desire..gives me freedom like Birds for Personal Development.. I want to say here two lines for ashray Stay.. "Best thing that's happened since 2014 is ? Maybe Hostel. It was a great experience. I loved it.♥"

Abhishek Dudhrejiya

Im living in Ashray since 2014, I had 4 years very joyful wid fun, The fun which i had in ashray will not forget throughout the life, They are providing us great Atmosphere as well as great facilities for study which requires. Aashry also gave me... I can say Big bunch of Friends and such great memories and great time of my life.

Purabh Prajapati

Since 2014 , i stay at Ashray Stay. I always wants to be thankful for Ashray Hostel Staff bcz they help me in development of my Management skills..nd the all lovables nd big bunch of freinds gave me the name "Bapu". I never ever forgot that..Tqsm all of frnds.. I want to say some word for ashray Stay and hostel life. Home away from Home. "Hostel , Will you cry when you leave it , bcz you gonna miss your newly made Family "


Since 2016 , I ve been living at Ashray Stay.. I happy to say that. The joy , Big Bunch of Frnds nd Happiness which i could never ever forgot in my life.. Ashray stay gave me Positive nd spiritual power for personal development. Provides all the facilities which is requires for study. Thank you so much Ashray..nd all lovable frnds.. I never forgot this my 2nd Home..

Kuldeep Dhanani